ConnectGroups goal is to assist individuals to alleviate isolation, helplessness, suffering and distress and to develop and maintain Self Help and Support Groups within the community. It is committed to promoting the benefits of Self Help and Support Groups through its engagement with government and non-government agencies in order to influence and assist policy which will ensure the capacity building and viability of its key stakeholders.

At a national level, ConnectGroups has formed a strategic partnership with its three sister peak bodies; Self Help Queensland, SHOUT South Australia and COSH Victoria.  Through this partnership the Inaugural Awareness Day for Self Help and Support Groups was launched across Australia in 2010.  This partnership has built networks between support and self-help groups Australia wide.

ConnectGroups attends many cross-sectoral events at both Government and non-Government levels (such as events held by Mental Health Commission’s Partnership in Recovery Workshops; Health Symposium, Health Department workshops, Partnership Forum; ICCWA, Volunteering WA; Homeless Connect, Sorry Day; the Peaks Forum; Recovery College) These experiences give us the opportunity to explain what we do to the wider community, to strengthen networks for our consumers and to be the voice for Self Help and Support Groups.