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Hand to Heart - Social Connections for Older People

Hand to Heart is a collaborative pilot project between the Cities of Melville and Belmont, ConnectGroups and Befriend, in response to data indicating an increasing number of older people living alone.

The City of Melville has been awarded a grant from the Department of Communities to deliver a project that will empower Seniors at risk of social isolation within the Melville region.

ConnectGroups has compiled a central database of Support Groups, local services and community activities; and is the main referral pathways for self-identified and identified seniors at risk. It is also managing an in-home community engagement volunteer service. The volunteers are responsible for assessing seniors' needs and identifying suitable groups and services to connect them to.

Upon completion of this project, it is expected that socially isolated seniors in the Melville region will regain a sense of belonging and become active members of their community, and that any gaps in Melville senior services will be identified and be addressed.

For further information about the project, please contact Amanda on (08) 9364 6909 or email amanda@connectgroups.org.au


Volunteer Positions Available

Volunteers are being sought to provide information, support and encouragement to empower those who have become isolated to ‘reconnect’ back into the community and rebuild social connections. If you have a few hours a week to spare and would like to participate in this great project, please contact ConnectGroups on (08) 9364 6909 or email info@connectgroups.org.au