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Support Groups Notices 

Adoption Jigsaw

Our support groups for the rest of this year are:

General Support Group for all those involved with adoption

Tues 12th October 7.00pm Drabble House, Cnr Webster St and Stirling Hwy, Nedlands
Tues 14th December 7.00pm Drabble House

Support Group for Adoptees

Tues 9th November 7.00pm Drabble House, Cnr Webster St and Stirling Hwy, Nedlands

Support group for Birth Mothers

Tues 2nd November 10.30am McCall Centre, 2 Curtin Ave, Cottesloe
Tues 7th December 10.30am McCall Centre


Our Vision
We, at angelhands Inc. believe that the community and government are unaware of, and thus often overlook, the needs of people affected by homicide, and serious interpersonal crime.
Despite diversity, these victims of crime have needs that often overlap, and angelhands Inc. believe it is a basic human right for victims of crime to have the following things:
• The right to have a voice, have an established space to voice their experiences and have their voices heard by others.
• The right to have relevant and current information and resources delivered in a pro-active, affordable and timely fashion.
Our Mission
In providing assistance and support to those who have been affected by murder or serious personal violence, angelhands Inc aims to lessen any sense of isolation and help to regain some sense of belonging.
The provision of case management and/ or assistance to individuals and groups suffering distress, loneliness, misfortune, sickness, and/or helplessness resulting from serious interpersonal crime (such as the homicide of a loved one or a serious assault), in order to assist the social participation of individuals or families, and improve the status of their health and wellbeing.


Inflammatory Arthritis Support Group
1st Tues of the month 10:30am – 12:00 @ Shenton Park
(No meeting in November)

Fibromyalgia Support Group
2nd Fri of the month, 11:00am – 12:30pm @ Shenton Park

Joint Replacement Group
4th Fri of the month, 11:00am – 12:30pm @ Shenton Park
November talk: `Possible common complications of orthopaedic surgery`

Young Inflammatory Arthritis Social Group
Meets up for coffee and drinks in the metro area

Ankylosing Spondylitis Exercise Group
Meets every Monday evening for hydrotherapy and gym exercise program at RPH, Shenton Park.

Mandurah Scleroderma
Meets quarterly. Next meeting Tuesday 16 Nov 2010, 11:00am – 12:30pm, Eastlake Community Church, 99 Lakes Rd, Mandurah.

Bunbury Rheumatoid Arthritis
NEW group starting in Bunbury

If you would like to attend any of the above groups, please call Margaret at  Arthritis WA on 9388 4420 or email margarets@arthritiswa.org.au

DES  Action Australia

568,000 Reasons for DES Awareness

DES (diethylstilboestrol or “stilboestrol”) was an anti-miscarriage drug prescribed to pregnant women from 1938 to 1971 (and sometimes beyond) in many countries, including Australia. We now know that those women given DES and their children of that pregnancy are at higher risk of certain types of cancer and reproductive problems. DES was a so-called “wonder drug”, but is now known as the “silent Thalidomide”. There are estimated 168,000-568,000 Australians exposed to DES, yet many are still unaware of the fact and the potential adverse health effects. Research has shown:
• Women prescribed DES while pregnant, known as DES mothers, are at a modestly increased risk for breast cancer.
• Women exposed to DES before birth (in the womb), known as DES daughters, are at an increased risk for clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA) of the vagina and cervix, increased risk for breast cancer after age 40, reproductive tract structural differences, pregnancy complications and infertility. The risk for developing CCA is 1:1,000 DES daughters. Although DES daughters appear to be at highest risk for clear cell cancer in their teens and early 20s, cases have been reported up to age 55. This cancer is aggressive and should be detected early.
• Men exposed to DES before birth (in the womb), known as DES sons, are at risk for non-cancerous epididymal cysts.

There is special vital preventive health care for DES exposure and research is continuing. DES Action Australia-NSW now has the blog site www.desnsw.blogspot.com  Contact: 02 98754820. More information about DES can be found at http://www.cancercouncil.com.au/editorial.asp?pageid=248

Genwhy? Depression Support Group

Amanda was shocked to be diagnosed with depression in her late twenties. When she went in search of depression support services in Perth, she was horrified to discover a lack of support groups in Perth for adults aged 25-45 who suffer from depression. Her doctors suggested that she start her own support group… and so began GenWhy?

Currently this group meets fortnightly in the city – Amanda is aiming eventually for statewide support networks, as well as online support forums, and ‘one stop shop’ website for mental health services available in WA.
Last 12 October Amanda and Antonella Segre (Executive Officer of ConnectGroups) went to Business and Professional Women and talked about how business and professional women can help with awareness and sustainability of community support groups, and discussed the gad in mental health services in WA.

I’m sick of having to try Poem (by Amanda Stephenson)

Men's Advisory Network

The Men's Advisory Network (MAN) is the peak body for service providers, organisations and individuals concerned with men’s health, well-being and other issues affecting men and boys in Western Australia.  MAN was established in 1997 and incorporated in 2000.  It is a not-for-profit non-government organisation that receives financial support from the WA Department of Health. 

The primary role that MAN plays is supporting service providers, organisations and professionals from various disciplines, who work with men and boys.  In addition, MAN provides information to individuals about appropriate services and professionals, plus provides general community education and raises awareness of the issues affecting men and boys.  Further information is available on the website: www.man.org.au

Midwest Stroke Support Group

Click HERE to find more

Peer Support for parents of children with disabilities

Click HERE to find more.

Peer Support Group

Click HERE to find more

Perth Glaucoma Support Group

The Perth Glaucoma Support Group was established 13 years ago by a group of glaucoma sufferers.  The aim of the group is to provide members with information about glaucoma as well as forming a network of support for people with glaucoma.

Most attendees have glaucoma themselves, but membership is not limited to glaucoma sufferers.  Anyone with a family history of glaucoma or people wishing to learn more about glaucoma are most welcome to attend.

Guest speakers who provide the information for the group include ophthalmologists, optometrists and orthoptists along with other people associated with eye health.

There is a small charge to cover the cost of afternoon tea.

Glaucoma Australia, the parent body oversees a number of support groups around Australia.  The Perth Glaucoma Support Group has 6 meetings per year.  These are held on a Saturday afternoon at either the Lions Eye Institute (2 Verdun Street, Nedlands) or the Eye Surgery Foundation (42 Ord Street, West Perth).

Please contact Judy Saunders for dates and times of our meetings.

Telephone (08) 9445 7244
Email jsaunders@glaucoma.org.au
Website www.glaucoma.org.au

Ruah Centre

Click HERE to find more

Samaritans Crisis Line

Samaritans Crisis Line provides a 24 hour, non-religious, non-judgmental Careline offering emotional support to the lonely, despairing and suicidal, or those at risk of becoming so.
Samaritans Crisis Line provides support over the phone, via email and face-to-face. Support is provided by fully trained volunteers.
Samaritans Crisis Line also offers educational services including guest speakers, help for students working on assignments related to mental health,  and Effective Listening Skills Training Courses.
Samaritans Vision:
A society in which fewer people die by suicide, people are able to explore their feelings and people are able to acknowledge and respect the feelings of others.
Samaritans Mission:
To offer non-judgmental, emotional support to the lonely, despairing and suicidal, or those at risk of becoming so.
Samaritans Values:
    * The importance of having support to explore feelings.
    * That being listened to, in confidence, and accepted without prejudice can alleviate despair and suicidal feelings
    * That everyone has the right to make fundamental decisions about their own life, including the decision to die.
Samaritans Crisis Line has been operating in WA for over 40 years providing a listening ear to those in need.

If you would like to contact Samaritans Crisis Line for support or to volunteer we are here for you on

Careline 9381 5555
Youthline 9388 2500
Countryline 1800 198 313
(Toll Free)
Administration 9381 5725
Youth Office 9382 3811
Fax 9388 2368
Help Email: support@samaritanscrisisline.org.au

Email: admin@samaritanscrisisline.org.au

Youth Office emial outreach@samaritanscrisisline.org.au

Physical & Mailing Address:
60 Bagot Road
Subiaco, 6008

SIDS & Kids WA

33 Sixth Ave Kensington WA 6150 – Ph (08) 9474 3544
Meetings and Events
Meetings are held to provide care and support to bereaved families affected by the sudden and unexpected loss of a child - from conception through childhood. There is no cost to clients who attend sessions or groups. Please note there are no groups in January.

HEALING MEMORIES ~ SCRAPBOOKING GROUP – 2nd WEDS of each Month 9.30 – 12.30
This is a Peer Support group (facilitated by a Counsellor or trained Peer Supporter) dedicated to the creation of a Memorial Scrapbook in tribute to your precious child. Sharing stories, smiles and tears as your unique book evolves from gathering and selecting just the right materials to honour your little one. Please bring all own materials. Morning tea provided.

General Support Meetings – 3rd Wednesday of every month 10am to 12pm
Monthly meetings to provide an opportunity for people to share stories and just be in the presence of other bereaved parents supported by a facilitator (Counsellor). We welcome parents and grandparents.  (Morning tea provided). No appointment needed – just turn up at 10am on the day.

Circle of Friends  -  last Wednesday of each month 10am to 12pm
This group is a place where parents who have gone on to have subsequent pregnancies after a loss, get together and share time, stories and their journey in a supportive and understanding environment. Parents, babies and toddlers are welcome.
(The meetings may include some minor craft activity for the Memorial Service)

Group Couples  Counselling - First Monday of each month 6pm – 7pm
A Fortnightly Group Couple’s Counselling appointments will be available between 6pm and 7.30pm at SIDS & Kids, 33, Sixth Ave, Kensington. Minimum group no: 4 (2 couples). Counsellor Judi Nolte call or email 9474 3544; jnolte@sidsandkids.org


Circle of Friends –Southern Edge Arts Centre - Sanford Rd.
Last Weds of the month.  Phone Sam for further details – 0428 639 461

Bereavement Support Group  – ST JOHN OF GOD SPECIALIST CENTRE TRAINING ROOM – Tea, Coffee and light refreshments provided. Contact Sue, Regional Supporter 0427 213 281   Or 99213 281

Tanzanian Community of Western Australia

The Tanzanian Community of Western Australia is a non-profit mutual support group drawing together diverse groups of WA residents of Tanzanian descent and their families, including the Tanzanian student community attending various tertiary institutions. And also the organisation is open to Australian business people interested in maintaining affiliate connections with the community.
The community engages in a range of social and cultural activities that are regularly publicised throughout the year. The group has proved itself a wonderful avenue to get to know new people, develop friendship networks, learning about more about Australia society and also enhancing productive interactions amongst our youth.
Throughout the year there are many activities members can choose participate in. They include social get-together opportunities - community BBQs, sharing of Tanzanian cuisines at parks and homes, and so forth. A variety of special holidays such as Uhuru (Independence Day) are celebrated. The community also makes the most of the annual festive season such Christmas and Eid celebrations as a chance to socialise and enjoy the best that the seasons have to offer. Lately, sports events such as soccer are becoming popular, providing opportunity for weekend practice and light competition other local groups.
If you want to find more about this group, please contact the following:
Dr Pendo Mwaiteleke
Secretary, Tanzanian Community of WA
Email: pendo.m@westnet.com.au
Mr Asimwe Kabunga
President, Tanzanian Community of WA
Email: asimwe@eiq.net.au

Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group 

Click HERE

White Wreath Association - Action Against Suicide

The primary focus of the White Wreath Association is to raise funds in order to establish Care Facilities (Safehavens) to aid those suffering mental illness and who are suicidal. We have created the following:

  • National White Wreath Day – In Remembrance of All Victims of Suicide held on the     29 May, Yearly.
  • National Sock It To Suicide held during third full week October Yearly
  • Contactable 24 hours a day on 1300 number.
  • Website and Newsletter
  • Personal phone contact
  • We advocate on behalf for those who need assistance.

Women’s Healthworks

Women’s Health Clinics – Click HERE


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