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The Department of Local Government is the State Government agency responsible for promoting and supporting a strong and sustainable local government sector in Western Australia.


Better Services, Better Communities


To build strong and sustainable communities Formed in July 2009, the Department of Local Government works co-operatively with the State’s local governments, industry associations and other key stakeholders to ensure the sustainability and delivery of quality services to Western Australian communities. The Department comprises four divisions:

  1. Strategic Business Management
  2. Governance and Legislation
  3. Strategic Policy and Local Government Reform
  4. Office of Multicultural Interests

It also has administrative responsibility for the Office of Heritage. The Department assumed responsibility for the Office of Multicultural Interests and administrative responsibility for the Office of Heritage in 2009. Together, these three areas of local government, multicultural interests and heritage aim to build strong and sustainable communities in Western Australia. The Department provides leadership and advice to local governments throughout Western Australia, including those in the Indian Ocean Territories. It also has a key role in promoting and supporting good governance in the sector, through its administration of the Local Government Act 1995. The Department has funded ConnectGroups since 1984 under its Individuals and Families Program. Visit the website:


The Mental Health Commission is responsible for policy, planning and purchasing of services which is unique in established mental health commissions worldwide. The Commission provides leadership and support in a new approach to the delivery of mental health services.


A Western Australia where everyone works together to encourage and support people who experience mental health problems and/or mental illness to stay in the community, out of hospital and live a meaningful life.


The Commission has three key objectives that are driving reform of mental health within Western Australia. These were developed in response to wide ranging consultation with stakeholders. In particular, the Commissioner and staff have listened to the aspirations and needs of people with a mental illness, their carers, families and communities.

The objectives of the Mental Health Commission are to provide:

  • person-centred services that support recovery
  • connected whole of government and community approaches
  • a balanced investment in new priorities

Visit the website: